Burglary on Pierson Last Night

See below. -Charley Logo Email Final —– Forwarded Message —– From: Ken Waters < kennywaters602@gmail.com> To: tbenton@qwest.net; JoJoWin@aol.com; liam@liamsherman.com; anderson-mark@cox.net; paceson1@cox.net; bcastro@psav.com; camelbackcat@yahoo.com; cdhewitt@gmail.com; hunterfloyd@gmail.com; jdora09@msn.com; lydia.sweetland@gmail.com Cc: ellenbilbrey Brilbrey < ellenbilbrey2011@gmail.com>; Barry@barrywong.com; kenmosesian@gmail.com; ali.avey50@gmail.com; Matt.Makinster@phoenix.gov; Mario.Lozoya@phoenix.gov; Mike.Dwyer@phoenix.gov Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2016 6:31 AM Subject: Burglarized while sleeping this Saturday 6/11 morning FYI gang, On the VERY same week Travis, Jeff and myself sat down with with our Phx PD Sergeant Dwyer and his/our CAO team of Matt & Mario to talk about a Pierson “crime wave”, not to mention an insightful discussion with Ken Mosesian last Saturday about his Windsor Square Block Watch structure, and twice victimized Jeff just yesterday about it, I was burglarized for first time in my 22 PEACEFUL years here in Pierson Place … while sound asleep. First time in my lifetime, anywhere. He got over the walls and inside the home thru the back door and rooted around. Quietly. If I would have awoke there would have been violence and maybe greater tragedy. Almost certainly. The thief got away with numerous power tools and who knows what else. I’m infuriatingly confident it is the same jerk who Travis snagged on video cam several weeks ago. I think we have this one lone wolf still at large. And Travis told me he felt it in his bones this guy was going to return. FYI. Be on alert. Please check your cams. Status on suspected 601 W. Pierson St. “drug house” still unknown. Officers, please GET THIS GUY. Thanks for your time & service. Ken Waters 602-373-1902 Sent from my iPad