Omninet Apts at Central & Pierson

Many residents in Pierson Place have voiced support for the Omninet West project at the northwest corner of Central & Pierson Street.  They believe it is exactly the right product, in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time.  They say it is about change, growth, maturing into a vibrant urban hub, and having appropriate facilities along light rail.  They know new restaurants came first, housing is in process, and other amenities come later; making Central & Camelback a transitional area right now.


Several destination businesses have moved to Central & Camelback, and even more are coming, i.e. famous restaurants, upscale stores at Uptown Plaza, etc.  This attracts new people to the area and results in more places to go, more things to do, more desirability, and higher property values.  The Omninet project provides an additional 15,000 square feet of retail at Central & Camelback, resulting in even more desirability and value.  Having goods and services in walking distance of neighborhoods, and especially historic neighborhoods, is a highly desirable amenity that ultimately improves property values.  It also moves Phoenix towards the bigger goal of being a more “walkable” city.


Notice other high-density housing on Central, like Station on Central, Edison Midtown, Lexington on Central, Tapestry, Roosevelt Square and Portland Place.  All of these projects bring people, stores, shops, businesses, jobs and vibrancy to their areas, and ultimately desirability and increased property value.  Most people think the dead zone at Central and Pierson would benefit immensely from this type of change.  (Even Maizie’s is gone.)


Omninet West will bring some new traffic to the area.  With 286 units and 435 parking spaces, there could be 400 new cars in the area.  Right now, Camelback holds about 55,000 cars per day, and most people think 400 more cars will not make any difference at all.  And a lot of those new cars won’t be on the street much, because many Omninet residents will ride light rail to/from work and play.  Same for their guests, visitors and shoppers.  For adjacent neighborhoods, both of Pierson’s borders at Central and Camelback are lined with light rail, making it highly unlikely that drivers will wait for a traffic light to cross the tracks at 3rd Ave or Highland just to cut thru another neighborhood.  There is just no reason to do it.


Most all infill development projects present traffic issues, and every one of them has been rectified in some way.  Look at 24th Street & Camelback, 7th Street & Montebello, 16th Street & Bethany, 7th Street & Osborn, the new traffic issues in all of these areas have been rectified.  It is noteworthy that Central & Camelback will have less of a problem than other areas because it is served by light rail.


Traffic on Pierson Street could go from 600 cars per day to about 1,300, and everyone knows that traffic mitigation will be instituted.  The developer agreed to put up money to implement them, and the Directors of the Traffic and Planning Departments and Councilwoman Pastor are working on the solution right now.  There is a very clear history here, new development all over the city results in new traffic issues, and they always are worked out and rectified.  Pierson Place has instituted dozens of traffic calming measures over the years, and this one will be rectified too.


The Omninet project is about infill redevelopment, positive growth, urban living next to light rail, having great amenities, great neighbors, things to do, vibrancy, desirability and property values that trend upward.  If you support this project, come to the City Council meeting on December 2nd, at 2:45 pm (200 W. Jefferson St), and speak during the public comment section.  Or at a minimum, fill out a comment card indicating you are in favor of it.  If you cannot make the meeting, email your views to Councilwoman Pastor, Mayor Stanton and all Council members at the addresses below.  This is an opportunity where you can help improve the area you live in.  -Charley


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