Historic District

Federal Historic Designation

Pierson Place Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places. Added in September 2019 thanks to the hard work of Ray & Joey Muench, Charley Jones, and Henry Harding.

Property Tax Reclassification

The State Historic Property Tax (SPT) program offers a substantial reduction in the state property tax assessment for eligible owners. This fifteen-year agreement requires maintenance of the property according to Federal and Arizona State Parks Board standards and limits the use of the property to non-income producing activities.


A property is eligible for this non-commercial property classification if it meets the conditions: listed in the National Register of Historic Places; maintained according to minimum standards established by the State Parks Board; and used for non-income-producing activities.


The application is valid for 15 years with a possible renewal for 15 additional years. To apply for the program, the owner must submit a completed Historic Property Tax Reclassification Application obtained from the county assessor or State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). The application requires two photos: one showing a front view and one showing an angled view of the front and one side of the property. Do not submit Polaroid pictures; standard 4 x 6 snapshots or digital photographs printed out are acceptable. Label the pictures with the name (if applicable) and the address of the property, the owner’s name(s,) the Tax Parcel ID number, and the date of the photos.

The form and photographs should be mailed or delivered to the County Assessor’s Office by June 30th to be enrolled for the following tax year. For example, an application approved by SHPO and returned to the county assessor’s office by August 1, 2020, will qualify a property for the reduction in the 2021 tax year.

Property Owner Requirements and Responsibilities

Any proposed maintenance, alterations, rehabilitation, or restoration other than normal housekeeping activities, that will affect any publicly visible areas of the property must be submitted to the SHPO in written and (if applicable) graphic form prior to implementation. Such work must conform to The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The property owner is encouraged to contact the SHPO for consultation while the project is in the planning stage.

In addition, the property owner may be required to annually submit to the SHPO a form (furnished by mail from the SHPO), notarized, that the property has been operated and maintained according to the laws, rules, and regulations that govern the program. This statement will include two recent photographs of the property, properly labeled.

Disqualification and Penalties

A property may be disqualified for failure to comply with the laws, rules, and regulations relating to the SPT program OR if the periodic report is not submitted. Disqualified properties may be subject to tax penalties.

RESIDENTS: You can apply for the tax reclassification for your owner-occupied property by June 30th to be enrolled for the following tax year. The process is easy and requires photos with the application. The AZ State Parks website has all of the updated forms.

By statute, owners have to renew every 15 years. Applications go to the County Assessor’s Office and they cannot accept them electronically. They have to be mailed or dropped off in-person.


  1. Check the contributing list.
  2. Download form and instructions from AZ State Parks website.
  3. Complete the form and take pictures of your home.
  4. Mail the materials to Maricopa County Assessor.
  5. County Assessor transfers forms to State Parks Board.
  6. Parks Board gives final OK to change tax status to Historic Preservation Designation.
  7. County Assessor gives final notice to you, the property owner!

Is your home a contributing property? Check the list below to see if you qualify.

Technically, this isn’t a tax reduction but a reclassification. This program changes your Assessment Ratio from 10% to 5%. The Assessment Ratio is the number used to determine the basis of your property taxes. Let’s say a property is valued at $100,000. A non-historic house has an Assessment Ratio of 10%.  In this example that equals $10,000. Your property taxes are taken out of that $10,000 (it usually comes out at being between 12-15% of that number). Joining the tax program means the Assessment Ratio drops to 5% so in the example the taxes would be based on $5000.

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Historic Contributing Homes

Contributing homes list included with federal application in October 2019. Use this list only as a starting point. Do not rely on it for filing purposes.
All information as of 10/17/2019.
House NumberStreetConstruction DateStyleContributing StatusReason Noncontributing
4635N. 3rd Ave.1950RanchContributing
4639-4641N. 3rd Ave.Circa 1948RanchContributing
4700N. 3rd Ave.1951RanchContributing
4702-4704N. 3rd Ave.1951RanchContributing
4714N. 3rd Ave.1950RanchContributing
4714-2N. 3rd Ave.1945VernacularContributing
4716N. 3rd Ave.1924BungalowNoncontributingAlterations
4718N. 3rd Ave.1946Transitional RanchContributing
4722N. 3rd Ave.1945Transitional RanchContributing
4722-2N. 3rd Ave.1947RanchContributing
204W. Coolidge St.1928BungalowNoncontributingAlterations
208W. Coolidge St.1924BungalowContributing
256W. Coolidge St.1949RanchContributing
301W. Coolidge St.1941Transitional RanchNoncontributingVisibility
302W. Coolidge St.1946RanchNoncontributingAlterations
303W. Coolidge St.1941Transitional RanchContributing
304W. Coolidge St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
305W. Coolidge St.1941RanchContributing
306W. Coolidge St.1944RanchContributing
307W. Coolidge St.1941Transitional RanchContributing
308W. Coolidge St.1942RanchNoncontributingAlterations
309W. Coolidge St.1940French Provincial RanchContributing
310W. Coolidge St.Circa 1930English CottageContributing
311W. Coolidge St.1945RanchContributing
401W. Coolidge St.1938Pueblo RevivalContributing
402W. Coolidge St.1945Transitional RanchNoncontributingAlterations
403W. Coolidge St.1945Transitional RanchContributing
405W. Coolidge St.1939SouthwestContributing
406W. Coolidge St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
410W. Coolidge St.1944French Provincial RanchContributing
449W. Coolidge St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
500W. Coolidge St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
501W. Coolidge St.1944French Provincial RanchContributing
502W. Coolidge St.1949Transitional RanchContributing
503W. Coolidge St.1944French Provincial RanchContributing
505W. Coolidge St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
506W. Coolidge St.1939Transitional RanchContributing
509W. Coolidge St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
510W. Coolidge St.1937Transitional RanchContributing
511W. Coolidge St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
523W. Coolidge St.1944California RanchContributing
600W. Coolidge St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
642W. Coolidge St.1944InternationalNoncontributingAlterations
643W. Coolidge St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
644W. Coolidge St.1939Transitional RanchContributing
101W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
102W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
107W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
108W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
113W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
114W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
119W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
120W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
125W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
126W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
131W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
132W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
137W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
138W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
143W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
144W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
149W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
150W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
155W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
156W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
161W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
162W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
167W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
168W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
173W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
174W. Elm St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
301W. Hazelwood St.Circa 1940Transitional RanchContributing
302W. Hazelwood St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
303W. Hazelwood St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
304W. Hazelwood St.1948Transitional RanchContributing
306W. Hazelwood St.1945Transitional RanchContributing
307W. Hazelwood St.1946Transitional RanchNoncontributingAlterations
308W. Hazelwood St.1939Transitional RanchContributing
311W. Hazelwood St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
320W. Hazelwood St.1943Transitional RanchContributing
324W. Hazelwood St.1943Transitional RanchContributing
325W. Hazelwood St.1939Transitional RanchNoncontributingAlterations
330W. Hazelwood St.1943Transitional RanchContributing
333W. Hazelwood St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
336W. Hazelwood St.1949Transitional RanchContributing
340W. Hazelwood St.1939Transitional RanchContributing
341W. Hazelwood St.Circa 1930BungalowContributing
344W. Hazelwood St.Circa 1940InternationalContributing
350W. Hazelwood St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
498W. Hazelwood St.1938Transitional RanchContributing
500W. Hazelwood St.1940Transitional RanchNoncontributingAlterations
505W. Hazelwood St.1945Transitional RanchContributing
509W. Hazelwood St.1945Transitional RanchContributing
514W. Hazelwood St.1939Transitional RanchNoncontributingAlterations
515W. Hazelwood St.1939Transitional RanchContributing
525W. Hazelwood St.1948French Provincial RanchContributing
535W. Hazelwood St.1935InternationalContributing
560W. Hazelwood St.1939InternationalContributing
585W. Hazelwood St.1939InternationalContributing
610W. Hazelwood St.1939Spanish Colonial RevivalContributing
635W. Hazelwood St.1939InternationalContributing
639W. Hazelwood St.1936SouthwestNoncontributingAlterations
640W. Hazelwood St.1939Art ModerneContributing
102W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
108W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
109W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
114W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
115W. Highland Ave.1950RanchContributing
119W. Highland Ave.1940, 1968RanchNoncontributingAge and alterations
120W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
126W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
127W. Highland Ave.1950ContemporaryNoncontributingAlterations
132W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
133W. Highland Ave.1954RanchContributing
135W. Highland Ave.1952Transitional RanchContributing
138W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
141W. Highland Ave.1950RanchContributing
144W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
150W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
156W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
162W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
168W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
169W. Highland Ave.1951RanchContributing
171W. Highland Ave.1950Transitional RanchContributing
174W. Highland Ave.1947Transitional RanchContributing
301W. Highland Ave.1952Transitional RanchContributing
303W. Highland Ave.1954InternationalContributing
304W. Highland Ave.1948Transitional RanchContributing
305W. Highland Ave.Circa 1930BungalowContributing
315W. Highland Ave.Circa 1949RanchContributing
319W. Highland Ave.Circa 1949RanchContributing
320W. Highland Ave.1946RanchContributing
322W. Highland Ave.1949RanchContributing
322-2W. Highland Ave.Circa 1949RanchContributing
322-3W. Highland Ave.1949RanchContributing
325W. Highland Ave.1946Transitional RanchContributing
328W. Highland Ave.1948RanchContributing
328-2W. Highland Ave.Circa 1948Transitional RanchNoncontributingAlterations
329W. Highland Ave.1944RanchContributing
333W. Highland Ave.1944RanchContributing
334-338W. Highland Ave.1948RanchContributing
337W. Highland Ave.1944RanchContributing
338-2W. Highland Ave.1948RanchContributing
338-2W. Highland Ave.1939Transitional RanchContributing
340W. Highland Ave.Circa 1930-1947Bungalow and RanchNoncontributingAlterations
340-2W. Highland Ave.1947RanchNoncontributingAlterations
340-3W. Highland Ave.1947RanchNoncontributingAlterations
345W. Highland Ave.1944Transitional RanchContributing
501W. Highland Ave.1944Transitional RanchContributing
502W. Highland Ave.1949RanchContributing
502-2W. Highland Ave.1949RanchContributing
502-3W. Highland Ave.1953RanchContributing
502-4W. Highland Ave.1953RanchContributing
502-5W. Highland Ave.1953RanchContributing
502-6W. Highland Ave.1953RanchContributing
509W. Highland Ave.1941French Provincial RanchContributing
510W. Highland Ave.1949Transitional RanchContributing
510-2W. Highland Ave.Circa 1930 (moved circa 1953)Minimal TraditionalContributing
510-3W. Highland Ave.1953RanchContributing
512W. Highland Ave.Circa 1930BungalowContributing
512-2W. Highland Ave.Circa 1920sBungalowContributing
515W. Highland Ave.1936Tudor RevivalContributing
516W. Highland Ave.1953RanchContributing
516-2W. Highland Ave.1955ContemporaryContributing
516-3W. Highland Ave.1955ContemporaryContributing
516-4W. Highland Ave.1955ContemporaryContributing
516-5W. Highland Ave.1955ContemporaryContributing
516-6W. Highland Ave.1955ContemporaryContributing
522W. Highland Ave.Circa 1930BungalowContributing
31W. Mariposa St.1939Transitional RanchContributing
35W. Mariposa St.1959ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
40W. Mariposa St.1937Transitional RanchContributing
42W. Mariposa St.Circa 1928Spanish Colonial RevivalContributing
45W. Mariposa St.1937InternationalContributing
54W. Mariposa St.1954RanchContributing
91 (89)W. Mariposa St.1951RanchContributing
95W. Mariposa St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
96W. Mariposa St.1939Transitional RanchContributing
97W. Mariposa St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
98W. Mariposa St.1949Transitional RanchContributing
99W. Mariposa St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
102W. Mariposa St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
147W. Mariposa St.1936SouthwestContributing
149W. Mariposa St.1948Transitional RanchContributing
151W. Mariposa St.1941Transitional RanchNoncontributingAlterations
194W. Mariposa St.1951French Provincial RanchContributing
198W. Mariposa St.1971ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
301W. Mariposa St.1924Pueblo RevivalContributing
307W. Mariposa St.1968ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
309W. Mariposa St.Circa 1939Transitional RanchContributing
310W. Mariposa St.1934SouthwestNoncontributingVisibility
311W. Mariposa St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
312W. Mariposa St.Circa 1940Transitional RanchContributing
313W. Mariposa St.1935Transitional RanchContributing
314W. Mariposa St.1938 & 1998English CottageContributing
315W. Mariposa St.2013ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
316W. Mariposa St.1938Art ModerneContributing
317W. Mariposa St.1933Transitional RanchContributing
318W. Mariposa St.1934SouthwestContributing
348W. Mariposa St.1938Spanish Colonial RevivalContributing
502W. Mariposa St.1934BungalowContributing
502-2W. Mariposa St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
510W. Mariposa St.1952RanchContributing
514W. Mariposa St.2012ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
518W. Mariposa St.2014ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
521W. Mariposa St.Circa 1935BungalowNoncontributingAlterations
522W. Mariposa St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
525W. Mariposa St.1939Transitional RanchContributing
533W. Mariposa St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
535W. Mariposa St.1934SouthwestContributing
537W. Mariposa St.1940French Provincial RanchContributing
539W. Mariposa St.Circa 1939English CottageContributing
101W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
106W. Pierson St.1946InternationalContributing
107W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
110W. Pierson St.1948French Provincial RanchContributing
113W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
114W. Pierson St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
118W. Pierson St.1941Transitional RanchContributing
119W. Pierson St.1947French Provincial RanchContributing
122W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
125W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
126W. Pierson St.1939InternationalContributing
130W. Pierson St.1938Transitional RanchContributing
131W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
134W. Pierson St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
137W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
140W. Pierson St.1944Transitional RanchContributing
143W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
144W. Pierson St.1956California RanchContributing
149W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
150W. Pierson St.1945RanchNoncontributingAlterations
155W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
161W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
167W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
173W. Pierson St.1947Transitional RanchContributing
301W. Pierson St.1939Art ModerneContributing
302W. Pierson St.1929English CottageContributing
305W. Pierson St.1929English CottageContributing
306W. Pierson St.1928BungalowContributing
309W. Pierson St.1937Spanish Colonial RevivalNoncontributingAlterations
310W. Pierson St.1934RanchContributing
311W. Pierson St.1939English CottageContributing
312W. Pierson St.1927BungalowContributing
314W. Pierson St.1948Transitional RanchContributing
316W. Pierson St.1949InternationalContributing
318W. Pierson St.1948Transitional RanchContributing
336W. Pierson St.1955RanchContributing
357W. Pierson St.1960ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
365W. Pierson St.1960ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
375W. Pierson St.1984ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
376W. Pierson St.1946French Provincial RanchContributing
380W. Pierson St.1945Transitional RanchContributing
385W. Pierson St.1974ContemporaryNoncontributingAge
504W. Pierson St.1949RanchContributing
506W. Pierson St.1949RanchNoncontributingVisibility
514W. Pierson St.1948French Provincial RanchContributing
590W. Pierson St.1946Transitional RanchContributing
601W. Pierson St.1935BungalowNoncontributingAlterations
603W. Pierson St.1958RanchNoncontributingAge
606W. Pierson St.1939Transitional RanchContributing
608W. Pierson St.1939Transitional RanchContributing

Historic District Unveiling Photos

Pierson Place Cap And Shirt

Pierson Place Street Sign Topper